Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas in the Nineties!

The wood burnt and threw red sparkles in the air, today the carbon monoxide smells good, either because the aroma of the frying meat out does it, or because the merry in the air overtakes it. I play around the fire with my siblings, laughing and dancing. Carols from the local radio station competes with our giggles.

Just some hours ago we hung by the window, hoping Daddy comes with a smile on his face. Mummy seemed certain he would, so she continues gracefully in her plan. The closer it got to mid night the faster my 11year old heart beats. The chicken, the rice, the flour and the butter- There shouldn't be Christmas without them. Thankfully  Daddy drove in, Mum hops into the car and they drove off.

It is a little later than midnight, and all eyes are wide awake! the food is set,I steal a look at my dress, strike my fingers on my shoe, peeped at my rubber wrist watch and eye-glasses.

"Long time ago, in Bethlehem" comes alive from the radio as people began to doze off. "Mary's boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day" the song got louder as my thoughts got faint, "and Man will live forever more, because of Christmas day" I smiled as I wonder if the singer was wishing or praying. But yes, Chrsitmas day is a good reason for man to live forever more!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tell God!

Looking everywhere but up
Searching, searching, searching
Telling everyone else but God
Talking, asking, crying
Going everywhere but home
Roaming, Roaming, Roaming.

Everything else but Peace
Earth quake, Tornado, Hurricane
Everything else but Peace
War, diseases, Pain

Look up, Run Home, tell God

Monday, August 31, 2009

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hair bands, Ribbons, Bangles and lip-sticks

Some girl things i wanna talk about here, if you are a guy hussshh... go away!!!

Alot of things are specifically just for us, they are a part of our normal and sophisticated days. we got stuck on them from the day after we were born and even till taday, to the day after we die. These are the little and big things that make us girls.

Yes am talking about Hair bands, Ribbons, Bangles and Lip-sticks!
1) Hair Bands- Sometimes we need someone to Love us, I feel that need very so often, but i have come to find that we so often mistreat the people that truely love us, and we fantasise about those that hardly even care. Miss the friends that are faraway, and not notice those that stick close, probably till they, also, are gone.
2) Ribbons- We like to look prettier don't we? My friend is one of the prettiest girls there are, but she lives every day wishing she was a little more busty, a little slimmer, a little taller. I have my physical wishes too, and cosmetic surgeons make a whole lot of money out of us.
3)Bangles- The female folk have the need for family, we all do. First she is the one bothered about her father's house, her siblings and all. You wait two decades and see her all about her own home, her husband, childred and all. Our favourite fantasy.
4) Lipsticks- We are good talker's, normally i hear we say 200% of what men say. So damn true, while he is still trying to get the right word we've found a billion (Who cares if they are right! I just need to voice out or i'll choke to death) And we say things we later wish we didn,t and like lipsticks, they wont clean off so completely, immediately.

I love Hair bands, Ribbons, Bangles and Lipsticks, and we all need them, but gurl, when you over-use, miss-use, ab-use, you'll have just one place fit enough, the circus, 'cos you'll be laughable, deserted, and beautiful for hitting.

How to Shut Down Your Mother-in-Law

How to Shut Down Your Mother-in-Law

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Bells at Eighteen!

I couldn't have been any younger, any more innocent, vulnerable and gullible, I was only eighteen, and I laid on my bed, in the room i shared with my sister, she slept off as our discussion faded, my Dad from the sitting room had just shut down the TV and gone to bed, I heard the sound of his bedroom door close, and i knew i was all alone, alone on this wedding Eve.

It was morning and the bells in my church, the church adjacent the junction to our house rang, the pastor does not tolerate late coming, not even today that i'm the bride, my Mum rushed my aunts as they made final attempts on fastening my belts, it was a ball gown, one of the loveliest there ever could be, my make up was good, i stole a look or two at the mirror and blushed. then the bells went again.

I entered the car with my Dad beside me, my thoughts wondered to the days that have been, and the days that are to come, to and fro like a pendulum, i always wanted to get married, but today i feel so unprepared, I wish my marriage, just like and beautifully tailored gown and well done make up will turn out great, but should i leave that to chance? several emotions welled up, Joy, fear, love, and worse of all confusion. I looked at my Dad, hoping the fear will hide beneath the Smile, he held my hand a little tighter than usual. he probably shared my many emotions.

The three minutes drive to church seemed like forever, my heart began to Beat irregularly like an amateur drummers work, The whole wedding Party was outside waiting for my arrival. The match to aisle was long, my hand in my Dad's, and my groom smiling at the other end, close to the alter.

He stared into my eyes, I missed a step, I slipped, my dad held me close so i did not fall.

My alarm rang and i wondered why the Wedding bell is still ringing, it rang again and woke!Still in my pajamas, lying beside my lightly snoring sister, i stretched my arm to stop the alarm, smiled at how "wake up" alarm tone could ever sound like wedding bells. I laughed at the fact that I'm not getting married with all those unmatching colours of emotions.

Ten Years gone by so quickly, am grown, still a bit innocent, not so ignorant, and alot more confident, I hear the wedding bells ring. Wedding bells at twenty eight!